Lighting for Green Screen with Construction Lights

Want a Cookie?

I spent my first couple of years of college as a music major. It’s no wonder I ended up in TV instead of a getting a real job, but that’s for another day. A really great music instructor told me, “many times, the space between the notes is much more important than the notes themselves.” Well, not to [...]

The Magic of shooting “Interview Style”

It has always amazed me how a small electronic device like a video camera
can transform highly intelligent men and women into babbling, cold sweating,
can’t complete a single sentence, wierdo, just by pointing the lens at them.
Well let me tell you my video making brothers and sisters this is a problem!
As you delve further into this [...]

The Color of Light

Okay, it’s time to go back to school for a few minutes. Yeah, I know we all wanted to do video so we could stay out of real school, but alas, this really is a craft and knowing this stuff does make a difference and seperates you from your uncle Eddie and his home movies.  [...]